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Hannah Norman

Emily may be my sister but I am still entitled to say how fantastic she is, I think :) Emily is the element of calm, cool and smiles that you need during the most stressful part of your wedding day, knowing you have booked Emily and having had a trial takes a massive weight off your shoulders because knowing that your going to look flawless and your make up will suit you is all you need for those perfect pictures.

Emily will never do two brides the same because she will always do what suits you, your skin tone, and what kind of look you need. Most Brides want to look natural, and Emily will do just that but she knows just how much she needs to apply in order to make you glow down the aisle and to last for those constant pictures all day.

She is a kind, caring and warm hearted girl who you will want to be there with you on the morning of the best day of your life!

Married In Minehead April 2013

Mrs Kelly Whitehead

I just want to thank you again for making my morning so enjoyable and for making me and the girls and mummy look so pretty. We had loads of comments from people about how classy our make-up looked which is a true testament to you, so thank you. I was so happy with my make-up for the girls, my mum and myself. I wanted to have something fresh and natural looking and to have nice bright lips to enhance my face and match the flowers. I felt amazing and the make-up stayed on all day – even after many tears during the speeches and the first dance. I couldn’t recommend Emily enough, completely professional, friendly and so so lovely.

Married In Oxford, June 2013

Mrs Charlie Mankin

I'm a diy girl, so asking someone to do my makeup on my wedding day was a big thing for me. It had to be someone I completely trust. I wear makeup most of the time so I needed to make sure my makeup artist made me look like the best version of me, not like a completely different person.  It was a no brainer to ask Emily. One of my best friends, my bridesmaid and super talented with her amazing collection of makeup and brushes.

I have to admit, before the trial I was nervous. Having such a good friend, or anyone for that matter, pay so much attention to your face can be unnerving, especially as my skin wasn't playing ball and was breakout central. Emily was amazing, she made me relax and we played around with different ideas - if I didn't love something immediately, it was no problem for her to tweak it until we had a look that I did love. She even went out to buy the right foundation for my uber pale skin and picked out the perfect match.

Having Emily around on the morning of the wedding was amazing. Super organised, she had put together an itinerary a few days beforehand so we all  knew what time to get up, who was being made up when, not to forget time for breakfast and glasses of bubbly. I've never been part of the bridal party before so to have her there to organise us was fab and completely took any stress out of the morning.

Despite being one of my best friends and bridesmaid, she was completely professional. Up and dressed first, set up with her immense collection of makeup, she did makeup for herself one other bridesmaid and my mum before it was my turn. They all looked amazing. My mum was nervous about having her makeup done, "what about my old skin" she asked me. She had nothing to worry about. She was glowing.

When doing your makeup, Emily makes you feel completely at ease, like everything is under control. She dealt well with my constantly leaky eyes and uncontrollable fits of laughter and still made me look like the best ever version of myself. I thought it was going to be handy having her as a bridesmaid for any makeup touch ups I needed throughout the day but I didn't need any! My makeup stayed on, and perfect for the whole day! One lipstick reapplication after eating was all I needed. The girl is a ninja with a makeup brush. Amazing.

I would recommend Emily to anyone getting married or needing makeup for any special occasion. She's extremely good at it and she loves it - the perfect combination. Love you Em! x

Married in Tolland, Somerset June 2013


Kelly Whitehead said...

"I felt amazing and the make-up stayed on all day "

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