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Here you can read all my thoughts and advise on bridal make-up, general, make-up and skin care and all sorts of other wedding related topics.


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By emilyfaith85, Nov 27 2019 10:15AM

Having the right people around you on your wedding day really is vital. This doesn't stop at your bridal party. Take your time to choose all your suppliers carefully. Here are a few of my tips...

1. Read reviews, don't just read the first few, go back some way and pluck out a few from years gone by, if they're consistently good then you're on to a good thing.

2. Meet your photographer in person... I can't tell you how important it is to have the right kind of photographer for you. This isn't just in the images they produce but their personality too. If they irritate you then, they're never going to get the best images out of you.

3. Ask for recommendations from suppliers you have already booked. They're likely to have endless lists of people they have worked with before and can trust.

4. Take recommendations from friends, personally experience is the best way to find people. For me it's the most flattering way I can fill my diary.

5. If someone seems too cheap then ask yourself why. Do your research into their background. They may just be starting out, which isn't a bad thing, just be sure you're going to actually get value for money. Decide on the things that matter to you most and spend your money there.

6. Venues will have suppliers lists, they're a really good place to start. The vendors will know the venue well and the familiarity will help the day run smoothly.

7. Follow your gut. If they're slow at email responses and need to be chased, then are they going to be reliable on the day? If you have your doubts about how reliable someone is then pull them up on it... They will then go out of their way (or should do) to make you feel supported.

My recommended suppliers are from personal experience...

The Rose Shed

Little Wedding Helper

Stacey Jade Wedding Hair

Neil Pollock Photography

The Battleaxes

Katie Forshaw Photography
Katie Forshaw Photography