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Welcome to my blog


Here you can read all my thoughts and advise on bridal make-up, general, make-up and skin care and all sorts of other wedding related topics.


If there's a subject you would like me to cover, just let me know.

By emilyfaith85, Nov 27 2019 10:15AM

Having the right people around you on your wedding day really is vital. This doesn't stop at your bridal party. Take your time to choose all your suppliers carefully. Here are a few of my tips...

1. Read reviews, don't just read the first few, go back some way and pluck out a few from years gone by, if they're consistently good then you're on to a good thing.

2. Meet your photographer in person... I can't tell you how important it is to have the right kind of photographer for you. This isn't just in the images they produce but their personality too. If they irritate you then, they're never going to get the best images out of you.

3. Ask for recommendations from suppliers you have already booked. They're likely to have endless lists of people they have worked with before and can trust.

4. Take recommendations from friends, personally experience is the best way to find people. For me it's the most flattering way I can fill my diary.

5. If someone seems too cheap then ask yourself why. Do your research into their background. They may just be starting out, which isn't a bad thing, just be sure you're going to actually get value for money. Decide on the things that matter to you most and spend your money there.

6. Venues will have suppliers lists, they're a really good place to start. The vendors will know the venue well and the familiarity will help the day run smoothly.

7. Follow your gut. If they're slow at email responses and need to be chased, then are they going to be reliable on the day? If you have your doubts about how reliable someone is then pull them up on it... They will then go out of their way (or should do) to make you feel supported.

My recommended suppliers are from personal experience...

The Rose Shed

Little Wedding Helper

Stacey Jade Wedding Hair

Neil Pollock Photography

The Battleaxes

Katie Forshaw Photography
Katie Forshaw Photography

By emilyfaith85, Nov 15 2019 04:10PM


What does vitamin C in skincare actually do?

It's antioxidant properties aids in your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.

Vitamin C is a key anti-ageing skincare ingredient that helps to gently brighten and smooth your skin. It's one of the most powerful antioxidants and helps protect your skin against free radical damage caused by the environment, which can breakdown your collagen and encourage wrinkles and sagging. Sounds good huh!

But choosing the right product for you can be tricky. It comes in different concentrates and if you have sensitive skin then it's important to be careful not to go in too heavy.

Products with lower concentrations of vitamin C...

REN glow daily vitamin C gel cream - this is one of the simplest ways of getting vitamin C into your daily routine as it's bundled together into their day cream, simple!

Balance Me Vitamin C repair serum - replace your usual serum for this one. If you suffer with sun damage then this could be for you.

Pixi Vitamin C tonic - replace your usual toner for this and wipe it over your face on a cotton pad.

If you want to try higher strength vitamin C products then give one of these a go.

The Ordinary 23% or 30% suspension - at a great price point it's not going to break the bank. The grainy texture is a little odd but apply it before your night cream and use your night cream to help it settle into the skin. The brightening properties in this little bottle are well worth getting past the strange texture.

Murad intensive-C radiance peel

A slightly different method of application, this combines ascorbic acid with glycolic acid – a pairing to smooth, brighten and protect. Apply a layer on to cleansed skin once a week and leave for 10 minutes before washing off.

Do you use Vitamin C in your skincare? Tell me the products you love...

By emilyfaith85, Nov 14 2019 10:41AM

Concealer is without doubt my desert island product. Concealer is the product that can save you from wearing too much foundation or even wearing foundation at all. It's much thicker than foundation and will grip to the skin much better and therefore will cover spots, blemishes and dark circles far more effectively.

What order to apply it... Apply your primer as usual and your concealer comes next (unless you're using a colour correcting product too, in which case apply the colour corrector and follow with concealer). Apply it either with a clean finger or a small fluffy blending brush. You then apply your foundation over the top. If the concealer has shifted in places (particularly if you're covering a bad breakout) then reapply concealer now where needed. Set the make up with a powder. Press the powder onto the skin gently to avoid moving and more product.

Purchasing the right concealer.

You want a concealer that matches your skin tone or is a touch lighter. If it's too dark then it will almost make your skin look grubby.

Remember when applying concealer to your under eyes that it will settle into lines and creases there's not a huge amount you can do about this apart from patting it in a few times while it's setting. Don't apply any powder under your eyes if you struggle with creasing as this can make it worse. By patting it in it will eventually stop gathering in the creases.

I always apply concealer in the following places... dark circles, spots, dark spots, around the corner of the nose, and under the brow before applying eye shadow.

My favourite concealers are... Arbonne Concealer (great for covering spots)

Maybelline New York Fit me and anti age eraser (good for under eyes)

Mac pro-long wear concealer comes in loads of different shades

Revolution conceal and define concealer. Great value for money and good coverage

Do you have a favourite concealer?

Image by Martin Dabek Photography
Image by Martin Dabek Photography

By emilyfaith85, Apr 5 2019 12:19PM

My top 5 products of the last 12 month's...

Well this was harder than I thought it was going to be. Trying to narrow down my kit to just 5 products from literally thousands of items, but this is what I've come up with.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Liquid is just gorgeous. It's become a real game changer in my kit. Wearable on its own or mixed with a foundation it gives that desirable bronzed glow with very little effort. One small pump mixed in with your foundation for a really subtle effect. The bottle is a decent size too and will last you ages.

Lumene Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Beauty Serum... now it might be a bit of a mouthful but it's totally worth it. This very light liquid applies to your skin with or without primer for an instant lift. It smells devine and is so easy to apply (even with your fingers- yes I did actually say that). I love it on freckled skin, sometimes mixed with the Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing liquid. Last summer I wore this almost every day, it's so light it barely feels like you're wearing anything but the look is really impressive.

Arbonne Intelligence CC cream. This colour correcting formula is so impressive in the way it covers and lifts the skin. Lighter than a foundation but heavier than a BB Cream, it's great for those looking for dual use day to night product. Fantastic on older skin too and super easy to blend

Morphe and Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette. It's shades cover such a range of colours and the mix of shimmers and mattes have been so well thought out. The pigments are stunning and really easy to blend too. This comes out at every bridal trial now.

The last product wasn't so easy to narrow down. I was between the following... Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder, Revolution Makeup Conceal and Define Concealer, WUNDER2 - High Tech Beauty eye shadow primer, the Urban Decay Cosmetics All nighter setting spray or Arbonne Primer.

I decided on the Urban Decay All nighter setting spray. I have a few setting sprays in my kit but having tried and tested them all myself I always end up coming back to All nighter. It really has got your back... a little tip. If you want to buy one for the odd occasion but don't want to buy a full size version, then head over to eBay for their samples!

What are your favourite products of the last 12 months?



By emilyfaith85, Mar 31 2019 06:50PM

It's pretty hard to narrow this down as there are so many brushes in my kit I adore and can't live without (slight over reaction). Blending brushes for the perfect eye look, angled brushes for beautiful brows or concealer brushes for crease free under eyes.

My absolute favourite brush is the Real Techniques expert face brush. It makes the application of foundation or CC cream a piece of cake. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, as it buffs the make up onto your skin for a really flawless finish. The tightly packed bristles work best when used in small circles over the skin to buff the product on.

Pop a pea sized amount of product onto the back of your hand. Dip the bristles into the product and then swirl it around on your hand to distribute the product across the bristles. This way you won't end up with uneven make up distribution on your face. Start by applying the product to the middle of the face and blend outwards into the neck and hair line. Reload the product and continue to apply and buff until you're happy with the level of coverage.

Real techniques brushes cab be bought in Superdrug and Boots so very readily available and they're cruelty free!

What's your favourite brush?